3D simulation with VStitcher

The manufacture of prototypes, which previously have cost a lot of time and money can be reduced to a minimum with VStitcher by Browzwear and the GRAFIS plugin for VStitcher. The number of sample pieces can be significantly reduced, communication within the company is simplified and the simulations are outstandingly well suited for product presentation, marketing purposes or actual sale.

With Grafis and VStitcher, all styles can be displayed and simulated in 3D so that the fit can be verified instantly without expensive and time-consuming sample pieces.

The preparation of the styles with all the required information for the simulation is made directly in Grafis. All pattern pieces can already be virtually stitched in Grafis. The position of the pieces and their alignment in 3D as well as manufacturing elements such as pleats, gathering, pressed creases or folds become an integral part of the production style. The GRAFIS plugin enables direct transfer of the style to VStitcher with immediate simulation possibility.