Autonester user interface

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The Autonester operates automatically if the switch Automatic mode is set. In automatic mode the job order list is compiled automatically. Incoming Autonester jobs are registered every 10 seconds. The order of the job entries can be altered. As soon as an entry appears in the jobs list, calculation of the marker begins. Once a job order calculation is finished, calculation of the next job order begins automatically.

Calculation time

The quality of a nesting solution at constant placement time is dependent on the amount of pieces to be placed. More calculation time should be allowed for markers with a large number of pieces than for simple markers. The given placement time is calculated on the basis of the number of pieces and a time factor per pattern piece. The resulting amount is limited by a minimum and a maximum value. In the above screenshot, placement time is set to 3 seconds per piece with a minimum of 1 minute and a maximum of 10 minutes placement time. The most appropriate time values depend on computer processor speed and the requirements of the marker making department (quick response, high efficiency etc).


As soon as a nesting job order is being processed, the name and current status of the job order can be found in a window in the top left corner. The progress bar displays the selected calculation time, the time elapsed, the number of interim solutions and the current length. If the option without preview is not selected an additional preview window displaying the current status of the calculation appears. Calculation of the current job order can be stopped by closing the preview window or with Cancel if required. Comments or error messages for the current order appear in the Record window. The entries in this list can be clicked individually.


Generating monitoring files

Standardised monitoring files for the nesting job orders are generated. These files are important for error diagnostics. Activate this option only if you have been re-quested to do so - e.g. by the Grafis Hotline.

Work without preview window

The preview of the nesting solution in progress is not displayed. Select this option if the graphic display of the nesting solution is not required or not desired.

Marker window always on top

This option displays the marker preview window always on top of all other windows. This enables the user to simultaneously work with the Grafis Marker making program and follow the progress in the preview window. This option is only useful if Autonester and Grafis Marker making run on the same system.

Save result as a Bitmap file

If this option is activated and the preview window is open, a Bitmap file of the nesting job result can be generated. The Bitmap file will be saved under the same name as the nesting job in the Autonester folder.

Placing pieces without transformation options

This option disables any allowance for rotation and flipping of the pieces to be placed. All pattern pieces will be placed in their original orientation.

Retaining backup copy files of nesting job orders

When an Autonester nesting job order (*.ANA) has been fulfilled, the job order is deleted. When this option is active, backup copy files (*.ANB) can be generated. These are saved in the Autonester folder. This option is useful not only for error diagnostics but also for statistical evaluation of Autonester utilization.

Delete all job results older than…

All Autonester job results (*.ANL) are saved in the Autonester folder even if they have been transferred to Grafis Marker making. Thus it is always possible, at a later date, to reset the marker file to that of the Autonester status. To avoid an overflowing Autonester folder, this option can be activated to delete older no longer needed Autonester job results (*.ANL). The time span is given in 1 monthly intervals. Autonester job results (*.ANL) and corresponding files such as bitmaps (*.BMP) and backup files (*.ANB) are also deleted.



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