Preparation/System requirements

The Grafis Autonester functions independently from the Grafis Marker making program. It can run on a separate computer that has been setup for this purpose. Communication between the marker making soft-ware and the Autonester ensues via nesting job orders and nesting job solutions. These job orders are saved in the Grafis Auton-ester directory. If the Autonester runs on a separate computer, the Grafis Autonester directory must be enabled in the network. If Autonester and Grafis Marker making run on the same computer this is not necessary.

Please note that the Autonester puts demands on the system during nesting. Since it is the processor that is mostly affected, this may slow down the system if working with other software (such as Grafis) at the same time. Also please note that the processor generates more heat under full load than under normal conditions. For computers which do not have optimum ventilation this can lead to problems with the stability of the whole system. Laptops in particular are not suitable.

We recommend the following minimum requirements for a computer that is to be configured especially for use with the Grafis Autonester:

  • Intel Pentium i3/i5/i7 or AMD Athlon, Dual- or Quad-Core
  • minimum 2 GB RAM
  • The other components can be according to mass-market PC standards. There are no particular requirements for graphic cards or hard disk size.