Link Grafis Cut-order planning with Grafis Marker / Autonester

Bild 1

To ensure that the lay information from Grafis Cut-order planning can be imported into Grafis Marker and that the marker length can be exported to Grafis Cut-order planning, two folders must be stored in the GRAFIS.INI. The GRAFIS.INI can be found in the GRAFIS folder C:\GRAFIS.

The following entries for Cut-order planning must be added in the [MARKER] area:

MKXSBEX (for transfer of marker requests from Cut-order planning to marker Bild 1);

MKXSBIM (for transfer of placed lengths from marker to Cut-order planning).

The folders ‚ex’ and ‚im’ are ideally placed under \GRAFIS\SB\. For multiple users, a network must be selected which every user can access.

Additionally, the following has to be entered into the GRAFIS.ini to ensure that the menu entry for opening marker requests appears in Grafis Marker:

USE_MKX=1 and MKXMODE=0 (Bild 2)

Bild 2



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