What is cut-order planning?

Cut-order planning is the link between order management, marker making and production.

Cut-order planning is a sub process for industrial production of larger quantities with specific size breakdown.

For smaller order quantities, one or two sizes are usually combined per marker. For this purpose, Grafis Marker meets all the requirements. It offers all the required functions.

For larger order quantities of hundreds or thousands of pieces with specific size breakdown, the allocation to markers becomes very complex. In addition, different materials, article batches, varying material widths and other specifications must be taken into account. The industry requires a cut-order planning software for this sub process which enables the management of order parameters, quantities and markers.

A piece or item, for the purpose of cut-order planning, is a product (trousers, jacket, shirt…) in a particular size. Typically, ‚xx pieces/ items in size yy‘ of a product are ordered. The amount in which a piece or item is ordered is called quantity.
The size breakdown represents the distribution of amounts to be produced per size.

Linking an existing ERP system for import of order data is the ideal solution for the application of cut-order planning. To process the orders, the use of Grafis Autonester as automatic nesting programme is very helpful.

The cut-order planning data is filed in a database. The database itself is another independent software application, either ‚SQLite’ or ‚Microsoft SQL Express’.